We’re a community of ocean lovers. Some are athletes, others adventure seekers, many simply come to play. All ages, all backgrounds. Side by side, stroke by stroke, we overcome fears and find joy in our wild waters. We exist to share our passion for the open water with swimmers and non-swimmers alike—because the ocean belongs to us all.


Filmmaker Jacques Cousteau said, “People protect what they love.” We’re all drawn to the ocean. But being immersed in it, watching glittering fish dart below, catching sight of soft-bellied birds above, heading back to shore as the sun sets behind you—that changes everything. Together, we work to protect these special, vulnerable places.


The ocean connects us. We are the world’s largest open water swimming community, supporting one another to face down fears and find growth and confidence in the water.


We protect what we love: our oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams. From beach sweeps to fundraisers, our grassroots campaigns help tackle the biggest challenges facing our oceans today.


We change perceptions about open water swimming, making it accessible to all. Through coaching and courses that prioritize safety, we help people take the plunge for the first time.


Oceans cover nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface. They hold 97% of all water on the planet and are home to 94% of life on earth. They produce half the oxygen we breathe and absorb much of the carbon dioxide we produce. We’ve always relied on our oceans; now they need us.


Pollution, overfishing, acidification, and global warming have decimated our marine ecosystems. But the good news is that the damage is entirely reversible—if we act now. And there are many small things we can all do to make a difference.


Join us for a pre-swim beach clean up or help us raise awareness about recycling, plastic alternatives, and ecosystem protection.

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