We developed these safety guidelines early during the closures of the Covid19 pandemic and our members have been successfully following them since then. While we've learned a lot more about staying safe from the virus, these water safety guidelines remain as important as ever. We're developing a free Open Water Swimming Safety Course but in the meantime please follow these important rules to stay safe. Enjoy the summer! 

Before meeting make a plan: 

  1. Decide where you’re going to meet.
  2. Decide how far or for how long you plan to swim.
  3. Decide where you’ll enter and exit the water. Make this near an active lifeguard tower which in the winter is usually at the headquarters.


At the shore: 

  1. For larger groups divide into smaller groups based on pace. For example 1:30 - 1:45 in one group, 2:00 ish in another, etc...
  2. Based on pace further partner up for in-water groups of two or three. 



In the water: 

  1. Have an initial meeting point no more than 250 yards from where you enter the water. When all members of the group arrive check in and make sure everyone is feeling comfortable. 
  2. Pick a landmark for the next wellness check stop.

  3. Choose a landmark that everyone is spotting on. 

  4. For an out and back swim repeat this until you turn around and everyone is safely back on shore.

In cold water: 

  1. In winter or colder bodies of water make sure to check for temperature during periodic wellness stops. If anyone in your group is shivering, can’t speak clearly or is disoriented, that person should exit the water immediately and at least 2 people should accompany them. Once out of the water if they are having trouble walking back to the starting area have one person stay with them and another run back to retrieve a phone and warm towel or clothing. 

It's our goal for everyone to feel safe and comfortable in the open water because that's what helps us love these beautiful natural swimming pools the earth has given us. Stay safe everyone! 

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