The Problem

Plastic pollution poses an urgent threat to the health of our oceans. 

Did you know that we produce roughly 300 million tons of plastic every year? 

  • 8M metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. 
  • 90% of seabirds have plastic pieces in their stomachs. 
  • 700 species have ingested or become entangled in debris. 

Our Action

120 unique meetup points covering 133 miles of coastline. 

As part of the 1st Annual SoCal Beach Sweep participants collected and tracked over 2,000 lbs of trash. Beach cleanups help reduce plastic use by forcing participants to confront their own waste decisions as they work to rid the beach of items they use daily. Each item removed from the beach represents thousands of potential microplastics that will not pollute our oceans. 

How You Can Help

Whether you're an individual or a company you can help in our mission to (to be continuted)

  • Do Your Own Solo Sweep! 

    Keep cleaning your local beaches and parks all year long. Use the Marine Debris Tracker and post on social media using hashtags #OWOsolosweep #onewithetheocean anytime.

  • Organize a Company Sweep

    If your company would like to organize a sweep contact us for kits and other One With the Ocean perks. Remember, you don't have to be on the beach to protect the ocean. Storm drains running to the ocean are often hundreds of miles away. 

  • Donate

    Your donations directly support the beach cleanups we do globally each year and we're planning over 750 for 2021!

  • Sponsor a Lifeguard Tower

    Sponsor a lifeguard tower along the CA coastline for our annual SoCal Beach Sweep. Contact us for more information. 

Photos From Our 1st Annual

So-Cal Beach Sweep: 

Our members collected over 2,000 lbs of trash covering 133 miles of coastline from Malibu to the Tijuana boarder. 

Our 2020 Pacific Champions

Sponsoring Redondo Beach 

Looking for a new car? Subaru Pacific has been our longtime loyal sponsor of this OG swim location.


Malibu Pier

Vuori's premium performance apparel is inspired by the active Coastal California lifestyle.

Sponsoring Tamarack Beach

More than just physical therapy, Inside Out uses a comprehensive approach to their clients’ health and fitness.

Sponsoring Moonlight Beach

The world's leading athletic brand, Nike offers men's, women's and kid's swimwear in a variety of styles.

Our 2020Beach Sweep Sponsors

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