A connection with the ocean can be one of life’s most rewarding relationships. Sadly, even here in Southern California, not everyone has the chance to experience open water regularly due to financial constraints, lack of transportation, even fear passed through the generations. Through our ‘Play in the Waves’ program, we foster a connection between underserved communities and the ocean.


In partnership with The Trident Swim Foundation, we run fun, immersive ocean programs for middle and high school-age kids. Our comprehensive entry-level courses introduce young people from all walks of life to the joys of ocean swimming. They cover everything from water safety to conservation skills, inspiring healthy lifestyles, boosting confidence, and sparking the desire to protect our marine environment for the future. 


The year-round ‘Play in the Waves’ program:  

  • Location: Los Angeles (with San Diego coming soon!)

  • Duration: One month (eight sessions: one classroom and one in water session each week) 

  • Dryland: In class, each day has a different focus, from learning about water safety skills or local marine ecosystems to plastic pollution and conservation tips that are easy to incorporate into daily life. 

  • In the water: Working one-on-one, experienced and highly trained OWO mentors guide participants through the waves to a beginners-level swim course. A post-swim beach clean-up creates a bridge between what they learn in the classroom and their direct experience on the beach.    

Throughout the program, participants gradually swim farther and get comfortable in various ocean conditions under the watchful eye of an experienced swimmer and mentor. It’s a physically, mentally, and emotionally rewarding experience they’ll never forget. On graduation, they join the OWO Kids’ Program to continue their open water adventures with weekly swim and beach clean-up sessions. 


Why do we need ‘Play in the Waves’? 

The communities we serve have limited coastal access. Often, fear of the ocean and its wildlife—sometimes passed from parent to child—is overwhelming. It’s why we assign trained, experienced ocean swimmers as one-on-one mentors to help our guppies address their concerns. By giving them tools for life that overcome their discomfort, we help them engage with the ocean safely, break old cycles and inspire the desire to protect our vulnerable marine habitats.


The true measure of success for ‘Play in the Waves’ is in the growth of our participants:  

  • Confidence: Overcoming fear to find pride in their new skills, which will help keep them safe and bring them joy for life. 

  • Community: We see that graduates delight not only in their own growth but also that of their peers. 

  • Health: Fresh air, physical exercise, and vitamin D, ocean swimming has countless physical benefits and encourages a healthy lifestyle.  

  • Awareness: By teaching young people about local marine ecosystems, showing them how their actions impact vulnerable wildlife and habits, and giving them the chance to build an affinity with the ocean, we’re creating the ocean advocates of the future. 

  • Passion: Graduates are always willing to share their new-found knowledge with family and friends, encouraging more people to connect with the ocean.

By sowing these seeds, we help instill a lifelong love for the ocean that’s passed down through generations. That’s powerful.    


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