How to use the Marine Debris Tracker app

The tracker app allows you to help make a difference by checking in when you find trash along our coastlines and waterways. This tool is a great way to get involved in local and global data collection.  Imagine being able to use your data to characterize the marine debris problem at your local beach, and also a similar marine debris problem at a beach that you may be visiting on a trip. Please scroll down to find One With the Ocean in the organizaiton list when you log in. You can then view the Top Trackers (individual users or groups that have excelled in their marine debris collection efforts) for OWO. Can you get into the top 10?

Download the Marine Debris Tracker app

Open the app and allow it to access your location. Select Start Tracking on the bottom left.

Scroll down and select One With the Ocean as your organizational tracking list.

Record the number of items of each litter type and select Add to send them to your trash can.

When you're done tracking select the right pointing arrow at the top-right to continue.

If you have cell service click "Submit" to upload to the database. If you don't have service Save the Session and go back and submit it when you have service.

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